Eighth Beef Deposit

An eighth provides a sampling of many different beef cuts in quantities that will fit in your kitchen freezer.

Each cut is individually vacuum sealed and frozen. 

Steaks           Average Weight (lbs)
Denver                       1
Delmonico                 1
Flat Iron                     1
London Broil              2
New York                   1
Ribeye                        2
Sirloin                         2
Tenderloin                  1

Shoulder Roast          3

Bone-in and Stew 
Short Ribs                  2
Stew Meat                  1

Ground Beef              25

Estimated Total Weight:    42 lbs
Estimated Total Price:       $365.40
Price per pound:  $8.70
Total Price will be determined by the actual weight of your order.

*Subject to seasonal availability and inventory*

 $185 deposit, final total will be invoiced.

Local pickup only

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