We believe in raising 100% grassfed and grass-finished beef with integrity.

As stewards of over 30,000 acres of the Montana range, we bear the responsibility to you and to our cattle, and to the land underfoot. That’s why our success isn’t just measured in a delicious, tender steak. Success, for us, is measured in the richness and diversity of the land we graze, in the gentle silence of a herd moved humanely and without stress, and in the strength and well-being of our local communities. From our land stewardship principles, to our animal husbandry, to the steak on your table, we believe that food raised with honesty and integrity makes for healthier communities.

100% grassfed and grass-finished, and free of antibiotics and growth hormones, Yellowstone Grassfed Beef is meant to be shared. Pull up a chair, grill up a burger, and share in the wealth of good eating.