A community of ranchers, wranglers, beef slingers, and good food compatriots, doing things differently.

Founders Bryan Ulring and Zachary Jones met as competitors. In the early 2000s Bryan, of the J Bar L Ranch, and Zachary, of Twodot Land and Livestock, were both trying to create markets for their ethically-raised, 100% grassfed and grass-finished beef. Frustrated with the anonymity and irresponsible practices of the traditional commodity beef market, Bryan and Zachary wanted to do things differently. Recognizing their shared values and land ethos, the two decided to join forces and form Yellowstone Grassfed Beef.

Over the years, Yellowstone Grassfed Beef has grown but our vision remains the same. Our team, both on the ranch and in the office, continues to ground their work in a commitment to supporting a local food system that nourishes and supports the land, the animals, and our local communities.

Bryan Ulring
Founder & Co-Owner
J Bar L Ranches 


Zachary Jones
Founder & Co-Owner
Twodot Land & Livestock




Alice Buckley
Managing Director


Erika Hartmann
Accounts & Inventory Manager


Jen Tanner
Finance and Operations Manager


Stuart & Kathleen
Twodot Land & Livestock Managers


Andrew & the Anderson Family
J Bar L Cattle Manager