We oversee our cattle from range to plate, providing them with the highest quality of life possible and our customers with the highest quality beef. Free of antibiotics and growth hormones, you can trust our beef is the product of green grass, sweet hay, and fresh water. Nothing more, nothing less.

Our cattle are raised on Montana’s vast rangelands, grazing sweeping grasslands, expansive prairies, and sloping mountainsides. Moved across thousands of acres using low-stress handling methods, our cattle graze a diversity of grasses and forbs in a low-stress environment. Cows weren’t made to eat grain, so we don’t feed them any. Raised only on grass and hay, their meat is high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and low in potentially harmful Omega-6’s, unlike grain-fed beef. The best of our steers are harvested when they reach the peak of tenderness and flavor, typically at around two years of age. While others, driven by profits, harvest their steers at a younger age, we always put quality first––allowing our steers to finish on the best pasture and dry aging their meat once harvested to enhance the flavor.