Are special cooking techniques required for grassfed beef?
Grassfed beef is typically leaner and cooks more quickly than grain-finished beef. You don’t need any special equipment or training,
just take care not to overcook it. For detailed cooking instructions and recipes, we recommend The Grassfed Gourmet by Shannon Hayes.

Do your ranches practice Holistic Management and Holistic Planned Grazing?
Yes. In fact, Zachary Jones, YGB Co-Founder and Co-Owner (Co-Chief Ruminator for short), is also a co-founder of the Savory Institute.

Can I visit your ranches?
Yes! You’re welcome to visit both of our ranches.  Please contact us to make arrangements.
The J Bar L also has vacation rentals if you’d like to stay a while.

Where are your ranches located?
Twodot Land and Livestock is about 9 miles south of Harlowton, MT.
The J Bar L is in Twin Bridges, MT and the Centennial Valley, MT. 

Do you give your cattle antibiotics?
We never use sub-therapeutic antibiotics. We do, on rare occasions, use antibiotics to treat sick animals. 

Do you give your cattle growth hormones?

Where is Yellowstone Grassfed Beef processed?
All of our beef is processed at Stillwater Packing Co., a USDA inspected plant in Columbus, MT.
Stillwater Packing is owned and operated by Dewey, Kathie, and Jayson Emmett.

Are your animals treated humanely?
Of course. Everyone on our ranches has been trained in low-stress livestock handling.

Is your beef certified organic?
No, we are not certified, but we manage our ranches in a way that is in line with organic standards.

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