Bulk Beef

From filet mignon to chuck roast and everything in between, stock your freezer with a variety of delicious beef cuts to last you a season or the whole year. Experiment with lesser known cuts and enjoy premium steaks without breaking the bank.

We offer whole, half, quarter, and eighth beef “equivalents,” providing you with the same quantity of beef as a standard section, though the individual cuts may come from more than one animal. This means you don’t have to wait until our next harvest date to order and you can know exactly how much meat to expect. While we do not accept custom cut directions, you can be sure you’re getting a diverse selection of the best cuts our beef has to offer, from nose to tail. Cut variety is subject to seasonal availability, and we encourage folks to order in the summer and fall to receive the widest selection.

If you would like to receive bones and liver, please select the add-on package. All cuts are individually vacuum sealed and frozen.

Please note pricing shown is a deposit. Once order is packed and weight you will receive an invoice for the total.

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