Member Ranch: Two Dot Land and Livestock

Member Ranch: Twodot Land and Livestock

Twodot Land and Livestock Company is located on the grasslands of central Montana, 9 miles south of Harlowton.  This family ranch, established in 1908 by Earnest Calvin Baxter, is in its 5th generation of family management with the 6th generation out of diapers.  Encompassing near 24,000 acres, the ranch is made of gently rolling hills and mellow flat prairie.  Several perennial springs and streams flow through the ranch and the American Fork creek, with its cottonwood and willowed bottom, is an ecological seed for diversity. 

Being managed Holistically ( for over 30 years, simultaneously embracing ecological, social, and financial resilience, short and long term, has taken the ranch beyond many horizons.  But, despite 104 years of one family’s management, the stewards of TDLL are continually learning, triumphing often, struggling at times, and of course, not without family tension, as anyone who’s worked with family can identify with!

Well respected in the local community, known for its perpetuity, TDLL is also known for “doing things differently”, sometimes making neighbors shake their heads, as anyone with neighbors can identify with!  TDLL is constantly challenging paradigms, syncing more with nature, and embracing complexity.  Yellowstone Grassfed Beef was co-created by TDLL for the ranch to be a more direct participant beyond its fences, touching more families, helping us all work to a new horizon.Twodot Land and Livestock